People don't need others to TELL them what to think

I completely disagree with your proposition. I would ask you to back up your argument that before the internet the general teenager had high artistic and cultural tastes. In fact, before the internet people's absorption of culture was generally limited to whatever was on the 5 TV channels that evening - mass produced media with the lowest common denominator.

The internet allows all youngsters to make their own mind up about what kind of media they enjoy. This allows them to find their own niches, in a way that simply was not possible before. If you look at the research (Chris Anderson's "The Long Tail" is a good book to start), you'll see very clearly that more and more the younger generation are moving away from mass culture and into niches, where they may express themselves culturally to a far greater extent.

Biohacking: Why I'll live to be 180 years old

From computer hacking to biohacking, Dave Asprey has embarked on a quest to reverse the aging process.

  • As a teenager, founder of Bulletproof, Dave Asprey, began experiencing health issues that typically plague older adults.
  • After surrounding himself with anti-aging researchers and scientists, he discovered the tools of biohacking could dramatically change his life and improve his health.
  • He's now confident he'll live to at least 180 years old. "It turns out that those tools that make older people young make younger people kick ass," he says.
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First solar roadway in France turned out to be a 'total disaster'

French newspapers report that the trial hasn't lived up to expectations.

Image source: Charly Triballeau / AFP / Getty Images
Technology & Innovation
  • The French government initially invested in a rural solar roadway in 2016.
  • French newspapers report that the trial hasn't lived up to expectations.
  • Solar panel "paved" roadways are proving to be inefficient and too expensive.
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European wind farms could meet global energy demand, researchers now say

A new study estimated the untapped potential of wind energy across Europe.

Surprising Science
  • A new report calculated how much electricity Europe could generate if it built onshore wind farms on all of its exploitable land.
  • The results indicated that European onshore wind farms could supply the whole world with electricity from now until 2050.
  • Wind farms come with a few complications, but the researchers noted that their study was meant to highlight the untapped potential of the renewable energy source in Europe.
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