peak oil carben credit well fair[communal sustainability

we are no where near peak oil as yet, ...much of the lessons from russia simply havnt penetrated the thinking of the oil cartels ,nor govts or big buisness [or at least hasnt been readily diseminated to the general populace] ,its time we learned to avoid this boom bust that sees the ritch get ever more richers and the poor get ever more poor...oil is plentyfull now and will be so for many generations ,peak oil is a joke [but carben polution isnt [ i would still like to see the real cost of oil increase fourfold ,[but not that the oil proffiteers get the spoils].... people are forgetting one litre of pertolium consumes the oxigen out of 10,000 litres of air ,when it gets combusted ,oil use should reflect the real cost, here is the perfect excuse to introduce the carben tax debate as well as cure the need for sustainable alternatives inherant in peak oil.... only the wealthy can afford to buy cars and run them on petrolium, thus in the user carben tax system ,the excessive user pays more ,this carben tax is then alocated equally by a united nations credit system tha pays each person ,a fair and equal 'share', ... a carben credit allocation ,[everything gets traded in carben credits ,issued by a true united nations ,representing 144,000 'nations'....each 'nation' represents a registered living 'person' , who each get an equal share of the carben credit world currency monetary unit's ,as determined by dividing the sustainable carben target, by the quantity of civilians [cityzens], ...who each get their carbon credit grant on a tax free basis , to spend as they will;..... those over-consuming will need extra carbon credits [one world legal tender], via equal grant [above wages , bank intrests , investments , labour etc ],...then let the market rule ,..all goods will be deemed at or above the real price [cost ] of production and transport via bills of loading adding the 'real cost'' per weight by the cost of transports, ...any way, tax and security creation , via the current market system, via privatised banking , and via the creation of intrest bearing securities isnt a sustainable method of measure ...[what with tax avoidence,doudtfull 'securities'',  family trust exzemptions etc , ...the future carben credits are the only way that the abusers will pay a fairer share ,many will find the tax credit is usefull to develpop infastructure , housing etc .....[once the basics survivale of food and clothing are met ,those needing more need work more , or create more , real assests, product , recourses etc  via their labours or investments, ... any way the spin about peak oil is farcicle ,. but the need to create sustaibability is able to be realised via a leveling medium of the real cost carben tax , that covers the creation of new carben [or realease of old stored carben ...[the carbnen tax system of credit debit ,covers the costr of finding sustainable alternatives including investments in sustainable teqnogies , food , air , water , roads houses , via seeing the big picture and not giving out large grants to the multinationalists who run the world via our present banking , and controle of resources ,with their boom and bust , games played with other peoples money ,ok its either face the real cost or return to the 1930's if you know what i mean, end the fear pay your own way...or have the poor eat the ritch, deont say you wernt told.

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