Only Say theWord.

            Life is imitative, like father like son. Life replicates itself, although we know from DNA, that its copyist isn't always perfect. Life makes mutants, called mutations, and according to Wallace and Darwin that is how we evolved. The mutations turned out to be good, and God understood this. He made the "mutations." Actually, neither Darwin nor Wallace went below the surface, simply because it was clear enough right before their living eyes and there was no need. I know the holy people don't like the word 'evolved', because God made us and our book that tells us that He made us is the truth and so Wallace and Darwin are devils lying to our children. One thing about holy people, they "know".

In the old language, fortunately, there is no problem with evolution; in fact, intelligent design is the natural order of evolving because the living organism of our personal nature has two copies off of which to imitate, mom and dad. Mon and dad are just like the creator God who made the "man" of the garden. His name was Yahweh God until the man and the woman, the mom and pop at our beginning, came apart and were separated from each other, one being left alone in the jungle while the other is expelled out into the world to wonder why he feels so homeless. The God actors in the rest of Genesis are Yahweh and God and they are made like mom and dad; they are mom and dad, only in our story they are both "males" and their sexual orientation is holy. Holy because the Gods are "like" brothers. Still, honor your mother and father, right!

I take intelligent design to mean that we have feelings to tell us about our actions, our deeds, our motives and our designs. If we are paying attention, our feelings are feedback to our actions. Suppose we don't like our feelings! Then we are free to choose other ways of acting and act accordingly. If the design isn't already ruined, then our feelings will reward our actions. Unfortunately, and this is the word of God, Adam was a ruined man and anyone coming after him couldn't use his feelings as a power source to direct his intelligence because his choice had been arrested on account of his being separated from his living body, note, his feelings. Adam chose to ignore what he had forgot and that meant he was dead to how he felt.

            How, exactly, did THAT happen? I hope that is the question you had just now.

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