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Big Think takes privacy very seriously and wants to ensure that our users are protected. As we build a global forum for discussion and debate, it is vital that you--the thinkers--have a voice. Currently, when you register for the site, your username defaults to your actual name. We designed the registration process this way to encourage oppenness and transparency. In fact, we hope you benefit from the publicity generated from the publication of your thoughts and opinions. 

We took a big step this week to grow the site on a new and much better platform, especially once all the kinks are worked out. This relaunch is actually just the first of a few new phases that will roll out over the next few months along, with some substantial new partnerships that we hope will add international perspectives to the site and give our contributors and most active users a truly global platform.

As we develop a credible platform worthy of staging some of the most important thought leaders in the world, we will work deligently to keep the conversation at a high level. To that end, we are encouraging users to take ownership of their ideas and back them with their own identities. We recognize that this may not work for some and we don't want to discourage good ideas by prohibiting ananymity. Therefore, users have the option of creating an avatar.

We appreciate your participation on Big Think. Starting now, we are extending our first initial 25,000 users an added thank you—by elevating them a more elite status on the site, raising their voices to the top of the pile. We hope every user of Big Think will contribute as enthusiastically and creatively. Our hope is to give our own thinkers greater prominence worldwide, especially as we expand our distribution through new partnerships.

China’s artificial sun reaches fusion temperature: 100 million degrees

In a breakthrough for nuclear fusion research, scientists at China's Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) reactor have produced temperatures necessary for nuclear fusion on Earth.

Credit: EAST Team
Surprising Science
  • The EAST reactor was able to heat hydrogen to temperatures exceeding 100 million degrees Celsius.
  • Nuclear fusion could someday provide the planet with a virtually limitless supply of clean energy.
  • Still, scientists have many other obstacles to pass before fusion technology becomes a viable energy source.
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Project 100,000: The Vietnam War's cruel and deadly experiment

Military recruits are supposed to be assessed to see whether they're fit for service. What happens when they're not?

Flickr user Tommy Truong79
Politics & Current Affairs
  • During the Vietnam War, Robert McNamara began a program called Project 100,000.
  • The program brought over 300,000 men to Vietnam who failed to meet minimum criteria for military service, both physically and mentally.
  • Project 100,000 recruits were killed in disproportionate numbers and fared worse after their military service than their civilian peers, making the program one of the biggest—and possibly cruelest—mistakes of the Vietnam War.
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Here's how diverse the 116th Congress is set to become

The 116th Congress is set to break records in term of diversity among its lawmakers, though those changes are coming almost entirely from Democrats.

(Photo: MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)
Politics & Current Affairs
  • Women and nonwhite candidates made record gains in the 2018 midterms.
  • In total, almost half of the newly elected Congressional representatives are not white men.
  • Those changes come almost entirely from Democrats; Republican members-elect are all white men except for one woman.
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