North American Union and Ron Paul

For some reason this has not been getting much media attention, but our federal government, without congressional oversight, is currently constructing a "superhighway" from Mexico all the way to Canada.  The project is just one of the ideas of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP).  The SPP was created in March of 2005 as a, "trilateral effort to increase and enhance the prosperity among the United States, Canada, and Mexico through greater cooperation and information sharing."  The only problem was that it was created by President Bush without the oversight or approval of congress, who, as it explicitly states in the constitution, is responsible to oversee matters of trade and commerce.  One of the few people to speak out about this from the beginning was Ron Paul, the congressman from Texas who is currently seeking the republican party's nomination.  Paul, like others who oppose the agreement, argues that it is an attack on our sovereignty, and that it will lead to a North American Union.  Considering the fact that boarder security is a hot topic, it seems odd to me that a superhighway, which would allow people to freely travel between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico without a passport, has not been a bigger part of the 08 campaigns.  To my knowledge, the only candidate to even acknowledge the highway is Ron Paul.  To read Dr. Paul's ideas you can visit:  American's deserve to know about this issue which is never covered in the media.

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