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This is by no means scientific, but here were the news stories reported on MSNBC from 11:00am Central.  I'm not tracking the scrolling news at the bottom of the screen or the length of time devoted to the story.

  • Detroit mayor about to have a press conference regarding indictments
  • Condos under construction in Los Angeles on fire
  • James Carville referring to NM Governor Richardson as Judas
  • Sen. Clinton unveils a 4-point plan to help homeowners
  • L.A. Condo fire
  • 4000 Combat dead in Iraq
  • Iowa manhunt for suspected multiple murderer (woman and 4 children)
  • Detroit mayor pending press conference
  • {Commercial break 11:14CT-11:17CT}
  • Detroit Mayor charges
  • L.A. Condo fire
  • Presidential candidate passport scandal
  • Housing market stats
  • Detroit mayor scandal
  • {Commercial break 11:20CT-11:23CT}
  • L.A. Condo fire
  • Warning issued by Ayman al-Zawahiri (al Qaeda)
  • 6 Iraq War protesters arrested during Easter mass in Chicago
  • Detroit mayor still expected to give a press conference
  • {Commercial break 11:26CT-11:29CT}
  • Iraq War milestone of 4000 deaths, 29,451 wounded
  • NM Gov. Richardson called "Judas", Bill Clinton compared to "Sen. Joe McCarthy" - Democrat infighting
  • L.A. Condo fire
  • {Commercial break 11:37CT-11:40CT}
  • L.A. Condo fire
  • Weather (flooding)
  • Clinton plan to help homeowners
  • Detroit mayor scandal
  • {Commercial break 11:48CT-11:51CT}
  • Detroit mayor (Attorney speaking)

If someone were to look at this, it would appear that the biggest news stories are the Detroit mayor and a fire in Los Angeles.  Please feel free to comment.

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