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A simple yet effective way to decide if you’re a psychopath

A variation of the “the trolley problem” and how a psychopath weighs his or her options differently than others.

Come on, admit it — you’ve wondered if you’re a psychopath at some point. (Oh, you mean that’s just me? Uncomfortable silence … )

More accurately, I’ve wondered how psychopaths would likely react in given situations as compared to those of us who are not afflicted with that condition.

Here’s an excellent scenario, postulated by psychologist Kevin Dutton, that demonstrates how you might react differently if you were a psychopath, and how the brain “lights up” in entirely different ways when the action is taken.

For more Big Think videos from Kevin Dutton, there’s a bunch here. And if you’re a reader, his books are over here.

Thumbnail image Creative Commons Licensed from, image titled “Lying About Wonderland.”


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