Random fact roundup: Hotels, feet, and The Simpsons

What do hotels, The Simpsons, and feet have in common? They're all in this actual blog post. Wow.

Random fact roundup: Hotels, feet, and The Simpsons
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— The Ty Warner Penthouse suite is the most expensive hotel suite in New York, and costs $45,000 a night, or roughly what the average New Yorker makes in a year (source). But that's nothing compared to the most expensive hotel in the world, the Royal Penthouse Suite at the Hotel President Wilson, which costs $80,000 a night. What do you get for that money? 5,500 square feet, 12 bedrooms, bulletproof glass, a private gym, and free HBO on what the hotel says is the world's largest private TV screen. (source

— The Hans Brinker Hotel in Amsterdam bills itself as the "worst hotel in the world" and had an advertising campaign where they stuck tiny flags with their name on in pieces of dog poop around the city. It's actually a very nice place to stay, and has a full bar and nightclub. (source, source)

— One of the most interesting hotels in the world is actually a cruise ship converted into luxury homes that sails around the world. The ship is called The World, and you can get a 400 square foot apartment about it for $825,000. A 3br goes for about $7million USD. They sail all over the globe, but if you're looking for a young neighbor you'll be hard pressed: the average age of an apartment owner about the ship is about 65 years old. (source, source


— 80% of the world's population has a bigger left foot than their right. The size difference is usually under 1/3 of an inch. (source)

— The biggest feet in the world belong to a 20 year old Venezuelan man named Jeison Orlando Rodriguez Hernandez. He has size 26 feet (in American shoe sizing). His right foot is 1ft 3.79 inches long, while his left is 1ft 3.59 inches long. (source

— Director Quentin Tarantino is public about his sexual fetish for feet. 5 out of his 8 movies show women's bare feet for about 1.5% of the film each... the other 3 (Reservoir Dogs, Django Unchained, and The Hateful Eight) don't feature (ha!) feet at all. If you were to cut all the bare feet scenes in his movies together, you would have a cinematic 10 minutes and 24 seconds of bare women's feet. (source

The Simpsons

— As of today (May 14th, 2018) if you played every Simpsons episode back-to-back without commercial breaks it would take 9 days, 18 hours, and 8 minutes. (source)

— Homer has had 188 jobs throughout the course of the show, including his nuclear powerplant job. (source

— Elizabeth Taylor voiced Maggie Simpson's one and only line of dialogue (so far)... "Daddy!", in episode 69 in season 4 of the show (source, and watch it here). There's also a hidden movie-within-the show: the McBain movie, which is seen in fits and starts throughout several seasons and episodes, can be seen here

— FOX owns the rights for The Simpsons until 2082. Simpsons-branded merchandise rakes in $750,000,000 a year. (source

— Showrunner Al Jean wants to end the series with the family arriving at a Christmas pageant, which is how the first episode began. Therefore, the show would be a continuous loop. (source

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