My life about online games

I still remember the time I played Guild Wars, it must be 2 years ago when I first played the game.

  Although I am a girl, but my character is the same as a boy. I am interested in the games since I own a computer, especially the shooting games. In the past, I am almost addicted in them. So my mun is always angry with me, because I am a girl, it is different from boys, she asked me not to play the games online, if I have time, I can go outside to play with my friends. Some of my best friends heard about this, they came to my home and play with me, they did not allow me to touch the computer. After a period of time, I have overcome the internet addiction.

  Several months later, when I surfed the internet, I came across a game friend online. When in the game, he often bought guild wars gold to me. He used his credit card to buy guild wars money, and used these money to buy the cheap guild wars gold. He alway bought so much that he could not run out of them. So he often gave me some. He asked me why he could not see me in the game, I said that I would not play the online games again, it is harmful to our body and eyes. I also persuaded him not to spend so much time money on the game.

  In fact, he is a poor boy, his mother and father divorced 5 years ago, he choosed neither of them but lived with his grandmother. He put all of his speartime on the internet in order to distract his mind from the lonely life. I sympathize with him. I turn around and think , I have a well-being family, my mother and father like me very much, also there are many friends caring about me, so why do I spend the time online? From then on, I determined that I will not waste time playing games online. I will only spend 1—2 hours to surf the internet to see news everyday. My mother is very happy that I get out of the internet. She cooks delicious food for me everyday. I am also very happy that I correct the mistake in time.

  That boy and I have become goods friends, after my persuasion, he only play the game on Sunday.

   This is my life!

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