My first time about Final Fantasy XI gold game

Today was Sunday. It is a free day for me. I waked up late in the morning, reading a novel in bed. Reading is my favorite all the time.

At about 11:00 o’clock, a friend called me to have lunch. She is my best friend. She like to play computer game. Every time I meet her, she is on computer playing her interesting Final Fantasy XI gold, game. She always forget to eat something when playing the game. So I take food for her usually.

She asked me what I was doing, I told her I was reading in bed, she said she would teach me how to play NosTale online. She said she found a site selling cheap Final Fantasy XI Gold than all the other site she used before. I was not interested in all kinds of game, I told her. She laughed. Without saying anything. I did not know what she would do, she is a mysterious girl sometime. When having lunch in a slap-bang shop, she told me something about the game to me though I know nothing about it. And at last she suggested that: "now almost everyone know computer game time, you should learn to play game. The game will make your life interesting." I luaghed: " I like reading peacefully " She shaked her head: "I will teach you to buy FFXI Gil and play the game." After lunch she asked me to go her home. She showed the game for me. In fact it is a very interesting game though I do not know how to play it. So I asked her to play and I watched. When she was playing she showed her FFXI gold to me. Oh my god, she has so much money in the game. She said the FFXI Gil in the site was very cheap so she bought so much for her account. And show her friends in the game. Which was boy, which was girl. How did they cooperate in the game to help each other when meet monster. At first the character level was low, and it would be higher up day by day along the time you play the game. If you think your level is too low you can buy power level play for your account from the game site. You can sell your gold in the game if you have too much money to keep. When she was telling me the interesting things,a character in the game found her to buy her equipment. She told the guy she would not sell it. And the guy said thanks and left. It is so interesting. I stayed at her home all the afternoon. She tought me how to play the game, and let me to play myself. I created an account myself. And make some friends in the game including my best freinds. As a newer, they were very kind to me. Before I went home. My friend said laughly: "It is a happy day, huh?" " of course. Thank you very much.. Nostale Gold game is interesting very much.. " I said.

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