Music portraying a bad image?

Is your generalization of music correct in society today?

What does it mean when people say "this type of music should not be listen to or be allowed here?" Every genre of music has its weaknesses and strengths. In the culture that we are in today, we are only pointing out the weakness of genre and not giving credit to some of the positives that it may bring. For example, some people might say that metal music is too loud or its not lyrical enough. Obviously some people thinks that its a good type of music and worth listening too because people go to their concerts and buy their CDs and make their own bands out of inspiration from it. Another example is Hip-hop and rap music. Many who don't listens to it say that it puts out bad image of what people should stand for and no one is really listening to songs anyway. I'm sure many people listen to it just by the number of platinum albums, ringtones and billboard hits it has. I think a least million people would disagree with the person claiming that no one listens to it. And for putting out the bad image, obviously over a million would once again disagree with you. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but to make a generalization of what a genre of music portrays based on your own opinion is quite ignorant.

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