Mind over Image

My idea on how to fight back against the media's portrayal of beauty

Every issue and flaw that we have is created in our minds. That we see something that is imperfect that shatters the glass in which we see ourselves in. The word perfect isn’t a realistic word it doesn’t apply to real world. Nothing can be perfect unless you make it perfect. Perfect means 100% complete and flawless and nothing can top that. Why live in a world where everything is perfect that would be dull. The images in the magazine give us an illusion. They are real people covered in fake elements which we think can be so easily attainable. They are digitally retouched photos and Photoshopped faces. I think we need to shatter the media’s image of beauty and make our own. Why try to please everyone else when we are ignoring the most important person in our lives which is ourselves. People will always try to point something out they don’t like. The most popular kids in school could be the most tortured because they have to hold up a certain image for everyone to love. I feel bad for celebrities if they do ANYTHING wrong in the media’s eyes they are destroyed. They are probably scared to leave the house because someone is going to take a picture of their face without make-up. That picture could end up on gossip magazine then on the internet. The picture goes from Google straight to CNN they report on it every hour. "Look at world famous celeb using drugs" they destroy everything around you. People still have the "Gladiator" mindset where they are rooting for your demise. People love seeing other people crash and fall into the pits of hell. They are sadist people that enjoy people being tormented. You don’t have to be like them. You can make your own image of yourself and love it. You only have one life to live stop living in other people’s dreams. Make your own dreams and make it a reality. When you realize nothing will stop people from talking notice that they are taking time out to even talk. Take that as a form of flattery and run with it.

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