Mental-Telepathy & the Fifth-Dimension.

Many years ago, as research for a book I was writing [ and still am ], I needed to find some mechanism for transmission that science had so far failed to identify. [ skeptics please leave now ]

To this end, I studied the techniques that might be conducive to a simple telepathic-exchange. Now, I'm just an ordinary Joe, without any hint of psychic-power and wasn't really expecting a result anyway.  The experiment was basically to read the card selected from a pack of 52 as seen through other eyes. Won't go into the gory details [ unless by public-demand ], but what was supposed to have a one-in-52 probability of success, turned out to be far less likely. Think of it like this - If you were given a multiple-choice question, didn't like any of the answers and added your own 'choices', what would be the odds that you were right? In this case, I was.  The experiment was not repeated successfully [ I know what you're thinking ], with that test-of-one being more than sufficient for my needs.

Bottom-line: This little-black-duck didn't need any more convincing, and I had a solid foundation for the rest of my theories.

I was wondering if anyone else has had practical, non-religious experiences involving this phenomena.

[ Footnote:  Several years after the episode, a bunch of us formed "The Polter-Guys" - a small club dedicated to seeking out the paranormal.  We shut done after it all got a bit too real. ]

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