Medical Banking Project

Point and Click Expedition

WE ALL KNOW IT'S RIDICULOUS!  You can make an airline reservation, trade stock, or even buy a car online – but most people can’t schedule a doctor's visit online, pull their healthcare records or how about just getting insurance to pay bills in real time?

From the creators of The HIPAA Gang and The Great American Interoperability Tour, MBProject now turns its attention to how banks can fast-forward eHealth in America (and around the world). The Point & Click Expedition is hosted by John Casillas, Founding Director of the Medical Banking Project, who will crisscross the country interviewing members of MBProject, consumers and other groups to connect the dots between banking and healthcare. His daily blog will reveal just how close we may be to creating the first “point and click generation" in healthcare.

“Its been quite a journey breaking into the national dialogue with our message that "Health 2.0" runs right through the banking system. As we focus on real time payment and move towards wellness and prevention, consumer-driven care and even a potential government health plan to cope with our national spend, applying banking technologies, like other industries have done, will have a dramatic impact on value and access. Our expedition will highlight how this is happening today," says Casillas. "I believe that when the money flows rationally, innovation will explode."

Moving health online so its integrated into the fabric of our everyday lives could find consumers using online banking to access health records, select doctors and hospitals based on quality ratings and cost or even using ATMs/card programs to pay medical bills in real time and access specialized financial programs and much more. "The technology and data understanding has been in place for a while,” says Casillas. “Not taking advantage of financial technologies is like laying a communications cable across an ocean and then forgetting to plug it in. We don't need to reinvent the entire wheel.”

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