Media and the Economy...

Does the 24/7 new media environment make the economic recovery more difficult?

I'm thinking about how the constant financial news makes it impossible for the government to get things going in a 24/7 news cycle. Could FDR have survived under these conditions? Talking heads, talking all the time without much really to say. Taking your temperture all day and all night long?

Let's face it, there isn't enough news... at least that gets reported to fill 24/7. So we hear the constant celebrity news and financial news because it is cheap to produce.

Another new glitch toward recovery is having the ability to check your money a zillion times a day. Once upon a time if you owned stock you had to look through those stock tables and only saw the open and close.

Now in addition to seeing the ticker all day long, I can log on and watch every move my portfolio makes. No wonder we are all sick and afraid to spend.

Another thought is that we have become fixated on the quick fix as a result. We want results in an instant...

and these media outlets, are just the opposite of what we need-- slow deliberative actions. Not quick to judge

tactics which cause a one day bump...

Just wondering what others think?

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