Measuring Stuff

Through tertiary training, I learned to measure stuff.  Physics taught me to measure to the limits of the measuring-equipment, while Engineering was a little more flippant in its approach to accuracy.  I love measuring stuff.

This has carried through to everyday-life in surprising ways.  When I finish reading the news over breakfast, I make a call, or measurement, on whether this is an 'Up-Day' or a 'Down-Day' [ in terms of World and National events ].  This does require a concerted effort to seek out any good news.

At the end of each day,  I measure on a personal-level if, on balance, this has been a 'Good-Day' or a 'Bad-Day'.  Gratifyingly, the G-Ds far outweigh the B-Ds.  If I did not employ this technique, I could be tempted to focus on the negatives that are an inevitable part of all lives.

Unfortunately, the U-Ds are significantly fewer than the D-Ds.  That's when I apply another trick from Engineering -- "Weighting".  This is important to emphasize the things that matter in MY life.  I cannot change the world, but I currently have reasonable influence in outcomes for my loved-ones.  Yes... It's all about ME, and I make no apology [g].

For the engineeringly-inclined:  DR = MD + 0.3 * (WD - 5)

DR == Overall Day Rating for MY world
MD == My Day: Rating on the B-D / G-D Scale [ from 0 to 10, respectively ]
WD == World Day: Rating on the D-D / U-D Scale [ from 0 to 10, respectively ]

Footnote:  If this turns out to be a silly idea, BigThink has now provided the means for me to delete it [grin].

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