Maple: Leave maple to see my love

Today, I determined to leave the game. I am listening to a friend that I had been moved, and a bit of a surprise, the results did not really take a look at the landing. To tell the truth until there is an intention to leave, the reasons for me to leave the country because too much time may not be a game before it is not always on the line. So I will buy the maple mesos to give my friends and my friends will accept them. They say that they will give me too.But I am concerned about the maple; although it is human nature you like nostalgia ago. But what really maple with me through this a few months! When I am in the game I often earn a lot of mesos, and I go to buy props and some equipment to fight the monsters. And I will not be hurt by them.As originally reported that maple exposure to the British who came to land, there are too many memories I have, the more I have been fighting for the goal, it can be said that many people are here to witness I grew up, I think I am the happiest because I have many cheap mesos, and I can gain my energy and I can become very strong and powerful.Whatever the difficulties I have said I will not leave here because I have too many things, although I am very happy every day, those who know me know very. As early as I do not understand the game from a happy, I did not say when my friend here, I will leave it! But besides that I will give them maplestory mesos, I like to share my happiness with my friends. I want to all my friends are happy and do not be sad.Now I really left, who is left, but the desires of the people or so came here to write the article. Just to delete the client, maple accounted for the game too space is said to a friend in new game, maple can give up hope, but I can not want to leave it the more things you do not want to leave! The game has maple story mesos,it can attract many players. Remain in the maple, friends, I hope you will be able to happiness! Do not as a simple game as the game will get nothing. Finally, I miss the former comrade-in-arms, because the people who helped me too much, you and I will always remember!

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