Manhattan Project II: Why not now?

The energy business will squeeze every last penny from the investments they've made to locate, extract, process and ship current energy resources. They will do this until the very painful (for consumers) end when the wells run dry. With the need for a new portable energy source in a world in which the oil has run dry, why not look to the not-so-distant past for a solution?

The Manhattan Project was able to overcome tremendous theoretical and technological hurdles in a very short period of time. Does it not make sense for our government to create a National Energy Project in the form of what was done at Los Alamos/Oak Ridge? Hire the best scientists in the world, build an "Energy City" somewhere in the US and give them 2 years.

If successful, this new technology could be licensed to private companies for production whereupon market forces would take over to help dictate price. The government recoups its investment, we save the environment and possibly mankind in the process, etc...

LinkedIn meets Tinder in this mindful networking app

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The Big 5 personality trait that's linked to anti-obesity views

A new study explores how certain personality traits affect individuals' attitudes on obesity in others.

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  • The study compared personality traits and obesity views among more than 3,000 mothers.
  • The results showed that the personality traits neuroticism and extraversion are linked to more negative views and behaviors related to obesity.
  • People who scored high in conscientiousness are more likely to experience "fat phobia.
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The most culturally chauvinist people in Europe? Greeks, new research suggests

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  • Survey by Pew Research Center shows great variation in chauvinism across Europe.
  • Eight most chauvinist countries are in the east, and include Russia.
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  • Henry Dunant's work led to the Red Cross and conventions on treating prisoners humanely.
  • Four Geneva Conventions defined the rules for prisoners of war, torture, naval and medical personnel and more.
  • Amendments to the agreements reflect the modern world but have not been ratified by all countries.
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