Mabinogi: Love is really very simple

I have played the games for more than a half year, at the beginning of my ideas that how this kind of fun, maybe I was not used to playing with the game, but more and more players are interested in this game. After some days, I know him in he game, I am attracted by his skills first. He often gives me a lot of mabinogi gold, he says that he wants to me become strong and then play with him together. In fact, he has a girlfriend, and we said that we are only on the game, we practice together a death, then he is the intention to practice this morning, we were on all night, but no matter how tired, how storm and very happy, in fact, love is really very simple. We play day and night, he told me how to earn mabinogi money when we play the game and he also chatted with me. We always very happy.Until that day, he will be back, and we are all on the line. He asked me how I did not know how it is going on; he did not see me on-line. He was practicing in playing the game. I made the whole secret and I told him, he should give his girlfriend warm, so they will be well, when I know that he did not want to be good with his girlfriend I was very happy. I go to buy mabinogi gold every day to cause his attention. When my heart is pulling up, at that time I was very happy. From the moment I know that we can not be together, but then I chose to leave, he left that I had to agree with him, I can only sell the cheap mabinogi to not want to play the game ever. So I chose to leave, some people may say that I am very fool, but I know that love such a person is, for him to be paid.During that time, I was very sad. When I play the game I will go to earn the mabinogi online gold crazy. My friends always advised me but I do not hear from them. I love him but I have to leave him, it is very cruel. Love a person do not have to live with him, and now I realized that as long as he likes the well-being, keep in mind that must be very good. I will love you forever in my heart.

'Upstreamism': Your zip code affects your health as much as genetics

Upstreamism advocate Rishi Manchanda calls us to understand health not as a "personal responsibility" but a "common good."

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  • Upstreamism tasks health care professionals to combat unhealthy social and cultural influences that exist outside — or upstream — of medical facilities.
  • Patients from low-income neighborhoods are most at risk of negative health impacts.
  • Thankfully, health care professionals are not alone. Upstreamism is increasingly part of our cultural consciousness.
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  • Oumuamua, a quarter-mile long asteroid tumbling through space, is Hawaiian for "scout", or "the first of many".
  • It was given this name because it came from another solar system.
  • Some claimed Oumuamua was an alien technology, but there's no actual evidence for that.

Banned books: 10 of the most-challenged books in America

America isn't immune to attempts to remove books from libraries and schools, here are ten frequent targets and why you ought to go check them out.

Nazis burn books on a huge bonfire of 'anti-German' literature in the Opernplatz, Berlin. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)
Culture & Religion
  • Even in America, books are frequently challenged and removed from schools and public libraries.
  • Every year, the American Library Association puts on Banned Books Week to draw attention to this fact.
  • Some of the books they include on their list of most frequently challenged are some of the greatest, most beloved, and entertaining books there are.
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