Life's Too Short To Think It's All About Us

In the grand scheme of things, you are a small chapter in the book of life.

When you think about the vast amount of space in the universe, do you see how small you are? Now imagine a time-span of 3000 years. Does a time frame of 60-80 years make a big dent in that time frame? When we put our lives as God’s creation into perspective, we see how small we really are. A speaker named Francis Chan once gave an illustration that always gets me thinking. He said "a young girl went around telling everyone she knew that there was a new movie coming out in theatres that was all about her. She was the main character and the most important character in the movie. When all of her friends and family went to see the movie they watched until a single scene with a boxer running up monument steps to a familiar theme song with a crowd of children cheering him on. The girl shouted to the moviegoers ‘look there’s me cheering’. Those watching quickly realized that the girl was not the main character in the film, it was the boxer, Rocky, who was the main character. This girl had made such a commotion about her being the star of the film and she wasn’t even a noticeable character. That is sometimes how we are as human beings. We make a whole scene about how life is all about us and we forget that we aren’t even noticeable characters. The story is all about God, but when we lose sight of that we often take away from his Glory. After all, life is not about us, it’s about Him.

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