letters for peace

This is the last letter I sent George Bush.

G.W. Hello, My name is Bryan Cridlebaugh. I would like to share an idea with you. I know you are busy so I'll keep it short. I think that love will end this war. Love will end all wars. You have to find love in your heart and stay focused on making peace happen. Don't forget that Jesus spoke of love. Love, equality, peace. Think of human nature and try to be more understanding. Give love. It works great. I still love you brother. You are in a great position to spread love. God bless the World.

So I'm thinking that if we get together and try to contact whoever, maybe G.W, we might get heard.  So, if you want, share the message that you are trying to get across to whoever you want, post it here, we can discuss it and together, maybe make something happen? 

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