UK Human Rights Watch (21/05/2012-27/05/2012)

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MON 21/5/2012

Immigration: House of Commons

A brief discussion was had concerning immigration and Article 8. New immigration rules will be in place by this summer with the Government currently considering the response to the public consultation.

Theresa May, Home Secretary, Conservative (responding)

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Equality and Human Rights Commission: House of Commons

Figures were provided for how much (a) members of the Board and (b) senior executives of the EHRC incurred in expenses in the past three years. Figures for individual board members are published in the EHRC’s annual report and accounts.

Lynne Featherstone, Under-Sec of St for Equalities, Lib Dem

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Equality and Human Right Commission: House of Commons

Figures were provided for how much the EHRC spent on furniture, artwork and sculptures, hotel accommodation, training and travel for the past three years.

Lynne Featherstone, Under-Sec of St for Equalities, Lib Dem

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Right to Life (NI): House of Lords

The Government do not collect information centrally about applications for compensation in relation to deaths in Northern Ireland, the  rest of the UK or elsewhere that may have violated Article 2.

Lord McNally, Min of St for Justice, Lib Dem

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Public Inquiries: Judiciary

In MM and AO (a child), R (on the app of) v Sec of St for the Home Department, the Court of Appeal has confirmed that the Government acted lawfully in not ordering an independent inquiry into a 2009 protest at an Immigration Detention Centre.

Judgment | UKHRB 

TUES 22/5/2012

National Health Service: House of Commons

A debate was held on the issue of foreign nationals’ use of the NHS.

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European Court of Human Rights: House of Commons

Good progress has been made in clearing the backlog of inadmissible cases. However more work is needed to adress the growing backlog of admissible cases, hence the recent Brighton Declaration.

Dominic Grieve, Attorney General, Conservative

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Prisoner Votes: House of Commons

The PM has always believed that when someone is sent to prison they lose certain rights and one of those is the right to vote. Crucially, it should be for Parliament to decide and not a foreign court. Parliament has made its decision and he completely agrees with it.

David Cameron, Prime Minister, Conservative

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Prisoner Votes: Media

Prisoners in the UK must be given the right to vote the EctHR has ruled, though ministers may determine which inmates should be enfranchised.

BBC | Guardian

European Court of Human Rights: Media

MPs aiming to claw back powers from Europe have secretly interviewed candidates to become Britain’s next judge at the ECtHR.


WED 23/5/2012

Equality and Human Rights Commission: House of Commons

The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill contains clauses on the EHRC, so there will be an opportunity for the Floor of the House to say a few words on the matter when the Bill is debated.

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Employment: Judiciary

In Mattu v University Hospitals of Conventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust, the Court of Appeal ruled the procedure by which a doctor was dismissed did not attract the protection of Article 6 as an employer who is dismissed with or without a formal hearing is not determining the employee’s civil rights.

Judgment | UKHRB

Extradition: Judiciary

In Lukaszewski and Ors, R (on the app of Halligen) v Sec of St for the Home Department, the Supreme Court has ruled there should be a discretion in exceptional circumstances for judges to extend time for both filing and service of appeals against extradition.

Judgment | UKHRB  

THURS 24/5/2012

 Travellers: Judiciary

In BSkyB and Anor, R (on the app of) v Chelmsford Crown Court, the police failed to satisfy the High Court that their need for footage taken by TV organisations  justified an interference with the rights of a free press under Article 10.

Judgment | UKHRB

Prisoners Votes: Media

David Cameron believes he will be able to resist implementing the ruling from the ECtHR that prisoners must be granted the right to vote during his time in Downing Street.


SUN 27/5/2012

 Right to Protest: Media

Activists who were rounded up before the royal wedding are challenging the Metropolitan police in the High Court on Monday in a case that could have widespread implications for the way the Queen’s diamond jubilee celebrations and the Olympics are policed.


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