Late Night Comedy For the Twitter Generation

The Chicago Tribute today describes Jimmy Fallon as the late night host for "a Twittering society." Will the 34 year-old Saturday Night Live veteran be able to craft winning jokes into 140 characters or less?

Tribute writer Kevin Pang says that Studio 6B at Rockefeller Center will now become a laboratory for the 21st Century talk show aimed at the Facebooking generation. Therefore, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon plans to have an Internet presence like no other previous talk show. "Even before a single episode has aired, Fallon has already taken advantage of the Webocracy," writes Pang. "Through polling on the show's Web site, the Web audience selected the new 'Late Night' logo."

A relentless Twitterer, Fallon has solicited his Twitter followers for jokes (his handle is @jimmyfallon) and it was through the micro-blogging Web site that Fallon announced his first guests: Robert De Niro, Justin Timberlake and Van Morrison performing from "Astral Weeks." In addition, he has promised his viewers that he will chat with them on Skype during tapings. And, the show's Web site will be staffed by three full-time bloggers, who will compile viral videos, post photos, etc.

Fallon told the Tribune that in addition to a genius marketing platform, Twitter is almost like therapy. Besides, he says, "You can't go past a certain amount of characters, so no one really gets boring."

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