Kicking all the coloured people out of america and canada.

SORRY FOR THE TITLE IT WAS JUST TO CATCH UR ATTETION.. sorry for offending anyone. But i have a question. Do you think racism is stoping or speeding up? and is it a postive think to have differnt races liveing together? I BELIVE IT IS A POSTIVE THING.. learn other cultures.. Is it raciest to admire someones heritage for being raciest? And is it raciest to call some by the colour of there skin a example is .. "the black guy over there.." "the white boy" "the chinese guy" is that raciest? bcs it is a true statement. AND AGAIN sorry if anything offended you. 

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  • The meaning of the word 'confidence' seems obvious. But it's not the same as self-esteem.
  • Confidence isn't just a feeling on your inside. It comes from taking action in the world.
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To boost your self-esteem, write about chapters of your life

If you're lacking confidence and feel like you could benefit from an ego boost, try writing your life story.

Personal Growth

In truth, so much of what happens to us in life is random – we are pawns at the mercy of Lady Luck. To take ownership of our experiences and exert a feeling of control over our future, we tell stories about ourselves that weave meaning and continuity into our personal identity.

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Active ingredient in Roundup found in 95% of studied beers and wines

The controversial herbicide is everywhere, apparently.

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  • U.S. PIRG tested 20 beers and wines, including organics, and found Roundup's active ingredient in almost all of them.
  • A jury on August 2018 awarded a non-Hodgkin's lymphoma victim $289 million in Roundup damages.
  • Bayer/Monsanto says Roundup is totally safe. Others disagree.
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  • Prejudice is typically perpetrated against 'the other', i.e. a group outside our own.
  • But ageism is prejudice against ourselves — at least, the people we will (hopefully!) become.
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