Kathy's basket

Kathy is a teacher. She has a basket.

Kathy puts all of her favorite things in her basket and takes it everywhere so that they're close at hand. Because she's a dedicated science teacher, she keeps her notebook of great teaching ideas in the basket. Whenever she needs a new inspiration, she pops open the notebook and takes a look. She has a video player in her basket, loaded with favorite science videos to show her students. She's got science articles and magazines and other things she wants to read in the basket too, along with some games and other teaching resources. She's even got in her basket the last few letters from her friend who teaches science in California and had shared a few tips for Kathy.

Kathy doesn't just use her basket for professional purposes. She also loads it up with things that are related to her hobbies and personal interests too. Kathy loves to make outfits for her pug dogs, so she always has a couple of sewing patterns in the basket. She likes to experiment in the kitchen, and her recipe book is in her basket. Kathy's latest interest is photography; she's thrown a couple of books into her basket that are helping her improve her shutterbug skills. The most recent photos of her nieces and nephews in Nebraska are in the basket, as is the latest fan magazine of her beloved Detroit Red Wings hockey team.

Kathy's basket is MAGIC. Every day it refreshes itself with NEW sewing patterns for her pug dogs [how 'bout that?!]. When her sister takes more pictures of the kids, they automatically appear in Kathy's basket too [amazing!]. When she opens her teaching notebook, there are new teaching ideas in there also [what?! you're kidding, right?]. New information about the Red Wings, new recipes, new science articles and videos, new photography tips, new letters from her California buddy, new resources - they all magically and effortlessly appear in the basket [unbelievable!].

Kathy's basket is magic. It never runs out of room. The more that gets put in there, the more it expands [okay, now I really don't believe you].

Kathy's basket is magic. It weighs nothing, which is why she can easily carry it everywhere. No matter where she goes, her basket goes too - full of the stuff she likes and needs, all in one place, accessible anytime, anywhere.

Kathy loves her basket! [uh, yeah, wouldn't you?]

. . . 

. . . 

. . . 

Kathy has a magic basket. It's called a RSS reader. And you can have one too.

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