John Adams and David McCullough

In my opinion, Mr. McCullough's biography of Adams is one of the best ever written.  He was able to humanize the icon and create a historical setting that reflected the realities of the time.  Prior to reading it, I thought Catherine Drinker Bowen's biography was the best, but he has surpassed her.

Regarding Adams and his place in history, I think he is often maltreated and his contributions unrecognized because of the Alien and Sedition Acts.  Although this was a blemish on his record, if you put these in the context of the time (the fear of internal as well as external undermining of support for the war) they were at least understandable.  But these pale in comparison to the extraordinary things Adam did during his life and his intellectual accomplishments.  In his short video on this site, McCullough hits the nail on the head when he speaks about the sacrifices Adam made for "the cause."  He was, unlike many of the Founders, not a wealthy man.  He and his family paid the price for his principles.

I'm glad to see that Adams is being "resurrected" with McCullough's biography and the recent mini-series.  I hope in our schools and universities he will be recognized for the genius and the patriot he truly was.

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