Jeff, a mormon, really

jeff delanos conversion to mormonism thoughts

Hey guys havent been back here in a while, but as i was reading through the more recent posts i noticed that our good friend jeff has converted to Mormonism.Not to offend you jeff but i was simply shocked. For all our disagreements i always respected your broad nonspecific conception of the spiritual realm that you clearly put much thought in. It was truly unique and had a strong aroma of what one might call wisdom (not nessisarilly truth).

Now do not misunderstand, believe whatever it is makes you happy im not here to change your mind.

Im simply surprised that you would subscribe to a religion with such (as you said) earthly physical specifics as Mormonism, black skin being a punishment, Indians being Israelites, becoming a physical god yourself, to name just a few.It may well be that mormonism coincides well with your former beliefs, but i don't see why you need these unbelievable details. Again i think your former beliefs hold much more substance (though i remain skeptical of course) and are much more unique and non constrictive.

Also look at what great skepticism you displayed in this post you doubt many details of conventional Christianity do the details of Mormonism not merit the same, i mean do you really believe black people were punished by god?As you said in another post faith and skepticism are both important and must be in balance (though this is not my view it was yours) i think you may have gone off balance toward the former.

But those are just a few thoughts from an old friend, by all means praise Joseph smith if that is what makes you happy.

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