Japanese Whaling. Cultural Right? or Environmentally Wrong?

For the large percentage of viewers from America or Europe this may not be very relevant, however in Australia the continued slaughter of this endangered species is frequently headline news.

Should the Japanese be allowed to continue hunting Whales in Australian Sanctuary waters under claims that it is their culture to hunt in Antarctica (I will let others decide on that point), or should Australia interverne to save the dying species.

Are the whales actually a pest to the ecosystem wherin they reside as the japanese claim?

Is it all just a ruse to continue hunting whales for food?

 If any people from japan or who keep up with japanese news read this, please share the general opinion of the Japanese and how the news it is being recieved in Japan because it is very hard in this case to find out exactly the opinion of the japanese considering the language barrier and the constant bombardment of the Australian Media.

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