I've been dead before! Death is simply "my" non awareness of existing.

Regarding "Death"...... I can conceive of no difference, potentially \ndistinguishable by me personally, between the lack of "existence awareness" \nwhich characterized my "pre-birth" period.... and that same "non awareness \nof existing" which still occurs often in deep sleep..... and that imagined \n"state of non awareness" that will likely occur upon completion of my life. \nSame thing! If "I" am not "aware" of existing...I don't exist! So \nfar in my life, I do have memory of multiple previous episodes of "non \nawareness", but if this "subsequent memory of previous non awareness" \npattern ceases.....I'll never know it!

Archaeologists unearth dozens of mummified cats in Egypt

Dozens of mummified cats were dug up this week. This isn't as shocking as you might think.

Culture & Religion
  • Archaeologists in Egypt have found dozens of mummified cats in the tomb of a royal offical.
  • The cats will join the ranks of hundreds of thousands of previously discovered ancient kitties.
  • While the cats are nothing special, the tomb also held well preserved beetles.
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Study: young men obsessed with building muscles have higher mental health risks

They're at a higher risk for depression, weekend binge drinking, and unnecessary dieting.

Palestinian participants flex their muscles during a bodybuilding competition in Gaza city on October 28, 2016. / AFP / MOHAMMED ABED (Photo credit should read MOHAMMED ABED/AFP/Getty Images)
  • Body dysmorphia is not limited to women, a new study from Norway and Cambridge shows.
  • Young men that focus on building muscle are at risk for a host of mental and physical health problems.
  • Selfie culture is not helping the growing number of teens that are anxious and depressed.
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The connection paradox: Why are workplaces more isolating than ever?

How poor work practices turn us all into remote workers.

  • Technology's supposed interconnectivity doesn't breed human interaction, and has instead made many workers feel less happy and less productive.
  • Using email rather than walking over to someone's desk and having face-to-face time is a major culprit. Inter-office messaging apps can also make employees feel more distant from their co-workers.
  • Can the tech companies who created this issue turn workplace isolation around, or is this the new normal?
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