Is the independence of Kosovo a prelude to what will happen in the United States

For over 800 years, Kosovo has been a Serbian state, sometimes it was independent and sometimes it was a vassal of other states as was Serbia. The Serbian people were slowly pushed out by the Albanians and the Turks. Now, the majority Albanians have created a new Republic, the Republic of Kosovo, as if we needed another tiny state in the Balkans.

For 350 years from the coming of the Spanish until 1845, the States of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, and Texas were Spanish. Then the United States fought a war over Texas with Santa Ana and he was defeated resulting in the acquisition of the Mexican territories north of the Rio Grande, except for the Gadsden purchase. The Anglos flowed into the former Mexican territories, but now those same areas have been flooded with more than 20,000,000 Mexicans, mostly illegal but with some 8 to 10 million legal. Will the fighting, which is words and poltical, become violent as it did in Kosovo? Will we see a move to separate large chunks of the United States from the Union. If America falters, that could happen. 

The attitude that everyone has a right to self-determination, which is contrary to logic and history, may well lead to our destruction. If we let the 12,000,000 invaders from the south continue to live here, we are facing a time in the future, may be our grandchildren, when the Anglos will be forced to leave their country, just as the Serbians are being forced out, and our country will be cut up into pieces just as Serbia has been.

We need to stop this trend now. President Theodore Roosevelt welcomed immigrants who wanted to be Americans, adopt American customs and culture and speak English. That should be the requirement for all immigrants today. Let us not become the next Kosovo.  

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