Is the answer with overcoming the reliance on the financial industry in America?

Morning Edition, April 15, 2008 · Steve Inskeep talks to author Kevin Phillips about his new book, Bad Money. Phillips argues in the book that the U.S. economy is in danger because of its reliance on the financial industry. He also believes that Wall Street has steered the nation toward greater debt.

As these are potentially significant and specific variables (I disagree with the broadness implementing the entirety of Wall Street or the "financial industry"), the solution(s) already known, is simple, with individual discipline. The more intelligent about and smarter towards execution, consumers become, there will be markedly less sub-coming to the marketing and sales prowess of the ready-to-take-advantage segments of the "financial" industry.

Are you ready to "get off the ride," ending the enticements to "gamble"?

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