Is religion a vice? Can it be compared to a drug?

Is religion a vice?  I think it might be.  I think you can think of it like any other vice (smoking, drinking, pornography, ect).  Marx said it was the "opiate of the people", was he right, is religion that different from a drug?  It effects people much like a drug, the mental high or the religious experience might be biologically not much different from a drug induced high or a mild hallucination.  Some would say that the religious feelings are more "real" but I would argue they are both equally real, and provide equal windows to "truth".  


Take this religion and you  will experience this crazy sensation that makes you feel like you know god.  It wont seem weird or anything to know something that is unknowable, it will feel very real, like god is a person who you can talk with (though your really just talking to yourself).  It will also give you this great high, youll feel great, unstoppable.  And you don’t even get paranoid (unless its tainted, like scientology), youll feel really safe and secure.  Itll do some crazy things to you though, itll make you think you can survive death, so be careful and don’t go getting carried away.  

Suicide bombers can be compared to people who die of an overdose (in this hyposthesis).  They thought they were going to get the best feeling they ever experienced, as a result they both ended up dead. 
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