is obama experienced enough?

i liked barack obama. during the summer (of '07) i went to an early meeting for obama in someone's house, and heard a live podcast from one of his town meetings in the midwest. i was up for him....i liked his fresh views and i admired the work he did in the poor neighborhoods of chicago, which he did after he graduated law school.

in the subsequent months his speeches seemed more like lectures, intellectual and interesting, but if he were a professor. he did not connect with me.

i moved my allegiance to hillary clinton, where it now resides.

as obama has grown in his stump speeches, there has been a marked change in his approval ratings.

my questionis.... was my instinct right when i supported him originally, or was i right to view him as somewhat stuffy.

is he right for the country now, or is he too far removed from international knowledge to run the nation now?

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