Is capitalism to blame for global warming?

Consumer capitalism can hardly be blamed for all manmade pollution. However, an economic system

that bases value on "growth" necessarily taxes a heavy toll on wildlife, wilderness and natural resources. "Growth" is best explained as growth of services, goods bought and sold, and production; keeping in mind we live on a planet with millions of other species with limited resources for this 'growth', it does not take an "intellectual" to understand capitalism and the future of the planet are incompatible.

Discussion of this issue is difficult. Marxism has been effectively erased from Americans' collective memory (indeed, this site features no labor or Marxist scholars), and capitalism's focus on wealth creation eclipses all debate. Corporate media continues to whitewash environmental issues as "green consumerism", while extreme weather events threaten more human and animal life.

But as a little boy once asked a naked emperor,

why don't we just get rid of consumer capitalism?

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