Invisible wing

About several years ago, there was a very popular song named Invisible Wing among the young people. The words in the song were written very clearly to express that if you are a girl, you should become strong after you go through something unhappy. I like the song because I think that I am that girl.

I am similar to other girls who can find their love in life but my love is different from them because I seek for my love in the unreal world of the game by the latale online gold. In my mind, when I was a little girl, I had a dream that some day I will meet my boyfriend in a special way and he is cool and handsome. Maybe, the god listened to my will and did a favor for to me to find him. Under the help of my best friend who has been the player in the net game, I contact the net game with the latale gold and after I spend more time on it, I feel that the game is becoming more important for me because when I stay in it, I will forget anything unhappy that happen in my life. Besides, I can share my stories with a lot of strange people who I will never see and they will provide me with many good methods to do with the problems that I face.

Therefore, when I have some spare time, I am willing to open the computer to chat with the players who I made friends with. Sometimes, they will tell me some good ideas on how to make good use of the latale money and where I can buy latale online gold with very low price. Thanks to their help, I can own plenty of cheap latale gold which I get from a famous net company.

Moreover, I meet my boyfriend in the game who is a very great man and can assist me to finish some dangerous tasks assigned by the system of the game. Perhaps, we spend a lot of happy time together and we fall in love with each other completely. At the same time, he makes a promise that he will marry me when he owns a large number of gold to arrange a grand wedding for me because he wants to show that how he loves me. Of course, I believe in him and think that we will stay together for ever.


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