Intimate friend

Last year, after graduating from my college, I left my hometown and went to a far city with lonely. When I reached the strange city, I told myself that I should have my own career and let my parents know that how great their daughter is. Besides, I promise that In the future, I will pick them up and live together with me. However, the society is not the same as what you thought. I am crazy for looking for a job with high salary, but because of no working experience, knowing nothing on Scions Of Fate gold, I can not find a suitable job. One occasional day, I saw a piece of information outside internet bar that the boss is hiring a college student to manage the bar. So I walked into the bar and talked with the boss telling my difficulties to him. To my surprise, he agreed to let me work for him.As an employee, I begin learning the net including the games which many young people play. How fresh the game is! With the SOF gold, you can have your registration code then enter into the games. So as to have a fully idea of it, I make use of my rest money to buy sof gold and start playing the game. Gradually, I realize that playing the game is similar to making friends and on the internet I can talk with everyone from different. I like this kind of way to make new friends. Of course, I have seen the game as my intimate friend. On the internet, I can not only know many people, but also they will provide some good comments on the game, especially, telling me where can get Scions Of Fate money with little money. Moreover, I indeed obtain much cheap SOF gold under the help of the partners.Thanks to the boss, but him, I can not image how I will be. At the same time, without the game, I will be often feeling lonely. Through the game, I can know a lot of friends and also make much money.Today, I will introduce this kind of way of playing to people who usually are working outside and do not have many friends. According this meanings, you shall see how the world so wonderful and quiet. Please believe what I said and we will make friends with each other on the internet.  

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