Ingredients for life

I'm trying to assert that life colonizes from planet to planet, as well as come into existence as long as the ingredients are present. Since science is consistently having to redefine exactly what life is, it's no surprise that lately researchers have been discovering the "ingredients for life" elsewhere inside our very own solar system (as well as recently discovering organic compounds outside of our solar system).

Even though this whole can never be a sum of its parts, the most pressing and fundamental problem humanity currently faces is exploring our part of the universe, and confirming the presence of life outside of earth (and the space transportation necessary to make these measurements).

The ingredients for life are beautifully simple, consisting of water (maybe not even in a liquid form), an energy source, and simple chemical building blocks such as C, O, H and N.

With all the current research and observation being poured into Saturn and its moons, researchers have recently confirmed moons Enceladus and Hyperion as having the ingredients for life.

Clearly, life colonizes from planet to planet? I guess what they've been teaching in Russian schools has been honest this whole time...

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