My view is that you have to be dyslexic in life.  You’ve got to think “no,” means “on.”  And if you don’t you will be stopped in your seat no matter what your education is. 

You have to believe, be totally convinced and committed to your success to what you want to do.  Find that passion and do it and then move horizontally, move to other passions.  Because then you’ll know how to ignite yourself.  

But the idea is, take yourself serious enough to be on the journey and to make as much of it that you can possibly make.  And by that I mean this, every experience is a learning experience that will serve you somewhere later; every experience even difficult ones.  Even falling down and failing, it’s one of the best teachers.  Along as you learn how to get up and move on.  And the reality is, when you do that, you recognize you’re experimenting with everything.  Your life is one big experiment.  

You think you’re in charge…you think you’re in control, even of yourself, serendipitous, so much happening, just make each thing you do the very best.  And let God take care of the details. 

In Their Own Words is recorded in Big Think's studio.

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