I really wish that people would take more responsibility for their own food.  I wish people would buy their own food and cook their own food increasingly.  I don’t wish restaurants didn’t exist.  I wish that people didn’t eat 50 percent of their meals outside of the home.  I wish they ate 10 percent of their meals outside of the home.  

That would be the most positive trend that could possibly happen to food in the United States. 

When I say "eating at home" I don’t mean going to the supermarket, buying some pre-prepared food and eating it at home. I don’t mean buying microwaved food and reheating it at home and I don’t mean calling for pizza or take-out and eating it at home, I mean cooking. 

If people cooked 50 percent of their meals, as opposed to what's probably 20 percent of their meals, it would have a huge impact on both their health and on the environment, and it would be almost entirely positive.  That’s really my most fervent wish. 

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