If a student walked into a classroom or walked into six classrooms every day, that student would feel heard.  I mean, what do we all want in life?   We all want to feel heard, we want to feel acknowledged, we want to feel there’s some recognition there.  And if a student felt recognized in each and every classroom they went to, then they would be happy to go to that classroom.  And they would absorb.  They would trust the teacher. And they would absorb a way of being from the teacher.  

What you remember from your high school teachers is not so much the curriculum, you remember the way of being that teacher possessed.  That teacher’s way of thinking, that teacher’s way of being in the world.  

And so the students would come away from a school like that having absorbed and replicating and mimicking six or seven really important people in their lives every year and they would be very different people than they would if someone is mindlessly droning to them from a lecture platform.

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