Everybody Has a Buddha Inside

Robert Thurman: Everybody has a Buddha in there and Buddhas have more fun. 

Everybody has a Buddha in there and Buddha’s have more fun.  That’s one of our slogans.  If you find that you will find an inner bliss.  And you must find that, actually.  It isn’t really just an if and when, it’s a must because your health is your joy and your bliss. 

Frustration and misery - that is the source of illness and it messes with the immune system and what holds the atoms and cells together.  That's the beauty in ourselves. Atoms – why don’t they all fly apart?  Why is it?  Dark energy may be connected to gravity.  It’s a magnetism.  There are subatomic particles in my fingertips – it’s uncertain quantum probabilities that make my fingertips.  Why do they stay together in the form of a nice fingertip with some sensitivity and so forth?  Why?  Actually it’s bliss that is holding them together.  

There’s a lot of nice slogans about it and mainly I think people can realize that joy is an elixir to be cultivated and learned to handle calmly - calm joy, peaceful joy, joy that makes you content – not hyper.  

That’s what people need.  They can enjoy what is called in ancient literature the greatest wealth of all which is the wealth of contentment. You can have hundreds of billions and still think you need more. You’re dissatisfied.  But if you’re content with even 50 bucks you’ll be happy temporarily. There’s enough for everybody to have that on this planet.  

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