Implementing of a 3 President System

3 Presidents Reside over Executive Branch: The United States has outgrown the original constitutional construction of a singular president in charge of the executive branch; it's time to implement a three president system in which there is a more equal and responsive representation (ie. republican, democrat, independent) of "We the People". The issues facing this country and the world are much more complex than at any other time in history, more globally impacted and related, and citizen's opinions are more polarized than in recent history, therefore a concensus of executive powers is appropriate and provides a more democratic system for the citizens of this great country.

Implementing a 3 President System: 1. Each party would have their primary selection, and a primary for the independent party would need to be created. 2. GOP would select 2 candidates in their primary. 3. DNC would select 2 candidates in their primary. 4. IND would select 2 candidates in their primary. 5. Each legal voter would now vote for 1 candidate from each party in the general election. 6. Those candidates from each party winning the general election would now become the 3 Presidents governing the executive branch of the U.S. government. 7. A 2/3 majority vote of the presidents would be required for any/all executive decisions. 8. Each president would have their own advisories, but again their recommendations would require a 2/3 majority vote before any of their recomendations were enacted or related in representing the United States on foreign or domestic policies. 9. All other executive statutes would remain intact i.e. term limits etc., except where executive decisions are involved. 10. In the event of a death of one of the presidents, an emergency selection of 2 candidates from the party losing respresentation would be formed and a general election would be held to select the new president. 11. That newly elected president would serve the remaining time in office of the former president's elected term. In the event that I left out any furhter explanation, please feel free to advise.

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