Mexican Border and Control Act of 2006, Council on Foreign Relations, Border Security and Immigration Reform for peace, between Mexico and the United States of America...:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


This is my attempt to design a bill of rights amendment. It's purpose is to divide power and drive the will of the people who are in the attempt of becoming educated or employed, where both are ways of providing for oneself first, then to help family, and/or friends, become more individualized (If there is any misunderstandings or grammatical errors, please keep in mind I am in the middle of recovering from disabilities, thank you.).


Equal rights must be guaranteed to Mexican Immigrants with 3 years of work experience and/or college experience. After which they will obtain a green card that will allow them permanent residence with USA laws, which will give married Immigrants the opportunity to live with their spouses and / or children. When this option is exercised the entire family will be under a 2 year contract – sort, where they will be able to join a school system or work force, with a USA permanent address, and they will be responsible for all normal household regulations.

If any family member is convicted of a family the whole family will be deported back to the exact location they traveled to the USA from. After the 2 year period is successfully completed the family will be issued, temporary green cards that will be special, because of their accomplishments, their information will be held in a special database, which will allow them an easier stay in the USA. Any unlawful acts will be handled as if they are citizens, and deportation will not be the 1st option and they will have a fair trial before any further actions must be taken.

Students will not be allowed special price rates, and workers will not get special housing rates. These Legal students and workers will fall under the Mexican Border and Control Act of 2006. Illegal Aliens when caught will be deported and identified, and will be red tagged on record, which will make them ineligible to reenter this country for 10 years from the exact date. We will keep a picture, name, and summary of information they give to the officer, which will not exceed 1 full page, in order to spend funds on other usable expenses that will aid us, in other duties our border patrol performs.

Military officers that serve our country and exit successfully will be given special review, when they apply because of their experience. They will enjoy the benefits of teaching non-military employees how to use basic military weapons. They will be paid an additional $4,000.00 per year, with the option to quit, or continue with the same pay.

Special privileges will be given to officers who apply for government positions, such as Secret Agents, FBI, CIA, etc. They will be able to apply for any government position they are eligible. The training will be recorded upon successful completion, with a reference and details of training and title earned at the end of the training. They will have access to any training in our country paid for a period not to exceed 1 full year. After they will be charged as the program does regular students or workers. This is to show how grateful we are that they will continue to advance and lead future Secret Agent's, FBI, CIA, etc. We will develop with you and will continue to guide future employees by our examples.

Written and created by me in 2006-2007.

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