I'm too busy...


Adkins blogged


For the past few months, I have played around the edge of the new

philosophers. I have been reading their blogs, listening to the podcasts,

reading the books they recommend, joining their Ustreams, and even observing the

Twitter conversations about everything from baseball to new uses of technology.

I have been an observer and an active participant. . . .

I wish I could Twitter and Plurk all day too.
I wish I could research

blogs and contribute to the online conversation like they do.
I wish I could

Ustream and connect with this global philosophy shift in live streaming.

wish I could participate in their witty and fun conversations and travel tips

they share all day and night.
I wish I could get online and ask for

participants from your district because mine...well..they gave up on listening to

me months ago because I am "too far out there".
I wish I could read all those

books you all talk about and listen to those podcasts while I get ready to take

on a new day.

But I can't. I have to work.

To which I



[Y]ou know what?, I have a job too. I'm director of a national center, a

postsecondary instructor / researcher, and coordinator of the Educational

Leadership program at a major research university. Like most of us, I'm

unbelievably busy. And, yet, I find time to do some of this stuff also because


So we have to recognize the time challenges that people face. But we can't go

around saying that the issues are insurmountable because they're not and because

if we believe that then our K-12 teachers (and postsecondary instructors) get a

free pass to ignore the societal revolution that's swirling around


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