iLEAD in San Antonio

I had a great trip to San Antonio. It was fun hanging out with Miguel Friday afternoon and evening. As you can see, we are not above making idiots of ourselves (one thing to know about Miguel: he has no qualms about only asking for one sombrero (for you, of course)). Like all good outside consultants should, I helped Miguel and his team move their office by lugging boxes and I got to see their new digs next to the Curriculum and Instruction department. Miguel has a great team: a shout-out to Sue, Sylvia, Josie, and the rest of the folks I met (Malinda, that means you!).

On the more serious side, Miguel videoed my opening keynote for iLEAD and also recorded my breakout session conversation about administrator blogs. Maybe he'll post one or both on his blog. All of my materials from my visit are available at my SAISD web page. The very best part of the trip was our ongoing discussion about how to facilitate change from an informal leadership position (i.e., one without much authority or power) within a large, complex, hierarchical, bureaucratic urban school district. I hope that I gave Miguel some productive food for thought. I know that I came away from the trip with a number of takeaways that hopefully will bear some fruit over the next month or two.

I'll be back in San Antonio for NASSP and for NECC. Hope to see you there!

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