Ideas to jump start the ecocomics


!. Have the aotu industries that are make Hybraid car equpit them with solar energe panal to keep them full changed during the day.

2. Ther is a company that is work on what they call algie farms which they can produce the same productio as oil does but at the end instead of being a waste the end production can be used to make live stock feed.

3. There are two sci. that are working on a bialogolcal way of decontamnating the ground the goverment should have them make a liquid form of it to used in our nucular plants.

These ideas would help produce jobs and jump start the eocomie at lease until we can get our oil feilds back on line from the last hurricane that came throw Texas.

4. We should also start converting our coal burning plants so that we can pump the co2 into our oil feilds to extend their live. Also we should start to convert some of our Desisal truks and cars over to natural or metane gas.

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