First idea: What's important isn't the idea, its conveying the idea, articulating the idea, getting it into other people's minds and spirits, selling the idea.  The first move in any collective endeavor, and every endeavor worth its salt is collective, is selling the idea.  Not really having the idea, since they are a dime a dozen.  They're like opinions.  But getting other people sold on the idea, enthusiastic about it, on fire about it, willing to devote their time to it (or to you), that's the first real task.  So this shouldn' be called "create an idea" it should be called "share an idea" (for the touchy feely types) or "pitch an idea" (for the pragmatic business types) since that's the first real challenge and the first step in doing something in the world.

Scientists achieve teleportation breakthrough

Japanese researchers carry out quantum teleportation within a diamond.

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Surprising Science
  • Scientists figure out how to teleport information within a diamond.
  • The study took advantage of defects in the diamond's structure.
  • The achievement has implications for quantum computing.
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Psychogenic shivers: Why we get the chills when we aren’t cold

Humans are particularly prone to shiver when a group does or thinks the same thing at the same time.

Paramount/Getty Images
Mind & Brain

A few years ago, I proposed that the feeling of cold in one's spine, while for example watching a film or listening to music, corresponds to an event when our vital need for cognition is satisfied.

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Colors evoke similar emotions around the world, survey finds

Certain colors are globally linked to certain feelings, the study reveals.

Credit: Liudmila Dutko on Adobe Stock
Mind & Brain
  • Color psychology is often used in marketing to alter your perception of products and services.
  • Various studies and experiments across multiple years have given us more insight into the link between personality and color.
  • The results of a new study spanning 6 continents (30 nations) shows universal correlations between colors and emotions around the globe.
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COVID-19 may cause 'significant' cognitive deficits, study says

A growing body of research suggests COVID-19 can cause neurological damage in some patients.

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