Women Would Lead a More Peaceful World

Women's psychology is better suited to keeping the peace, say some of today's top minds. Informed by evolution, women have a greater incentive to negotiate with those around them.

What's the Latest Development?

Were more women in positions of political power, the Earth would be a more peaceful place, says former secretary of defense Joseph Nye. Referencing Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker's latest book, Nye says women's evolutionary role in society has emphasized skills like nurturing and peace keepinghistorically, women have not banded together to wage war on neighboring villages. In cases where powerful women, like Margaret Thatcher and Hillary Clinton, have advocated violence, it is because they have conformed to male roles, says Nye.

What's the Big Idea?

Though American women continue to lag in leadership positions, holding just five percent of top corporate positions and 16 percent of seats in political legislatures (compared with Sweden's 45 percent), gender discrimination is being broken down. Some credit must be given to the decentralized nature of modern communication networks in information-based societies, says Nye. Shared and distributed leadership are becoming more valuable than strictly hierarchical organizations as technology brings a more feminine approach to politics.

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Why a federal judge ordered White House to restore Jim Acosta's press badge

A federal judge ruled that the Trump administration likely violated the reporter's Fifth Amendment rights when it stripped his press credentials earlier this month.

WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 16: CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta (R) returns to the White House with CNN Washington bureau chief Sam Feist after Federal judge Timothy J. Kelly ordered the White House to reinstate his press pass November 16, 2018 in Washington, DC. CNN has filed a lawsuit against the White House after Acosta's press pass was revoked after a dispute involving a news conference last week. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)
Politics & Current Affairs
  • Acosta will be allowed to return to the White House on Friday.
  • The judge described the ruling as narrow, and didn't rule one way or the other on violations of the First Amendment.
  • The case is still open, and the administration may choose to appeal the ruling.
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How to split the USA into two countries: Red and Blue

Progressive America would be half as big, but twice as populated as its conservative twin.

Image: Dicken Schrader
Strange Maps
  • America's two political tribes have consolidated into 'red' and 'blue' nations, with seemingly irreconcilable differences.
  • Perhaps the best way to stop the infighting is to go for a divorce and give the two nations a country each
  • Based on the UN's partition plan for Israel/Palestine, this proposal provides territorial contiguity and sea access to both 'red' and 'blue' America
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Scientists just voted to change the definition of a kilogram

The definition of a kilogram will now be fixed to Planck's constant, a fundamental part of quantum physics.

Greg L via Wikipedia
Surprising Science
  • The new definition of a kilogram is based on a physical constant in quantum physics.
  • Unlike the current definition of a kilogram, this measurement will never change.
  • Scientists also voted to update the definitions of several other measurements in physics.
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