Apple Mesmerizes Us Without Having the Best Products

Even though we can get better, faster, cheaper products elsewhere, the market always goes with Apple.

We all come rushing when Apple calls. Tech consumers and businesses prefer Apple products even though other companies have superior products. But why?

It's an astounding phenomenon, writes Vlad Savov of The Verge. Take Apple Pay for instance. Savov writes, “Apple strode into a fragmented, fiercely territorial and competitive field and managed to unite everyone, primarily on the strength of the iPhone’s unique history of creating industries and revenue sources where there once were none.”

There are technologies and capabilities that can be found in products years ahead of Apple.

If we're judging purely based on specs, there are better options out there for sure. There are technologies and capabilities that can be found in products years ahead of Apple. The most recent Apple announcement saw the “revolutionary” new force touch added to its list of cool gesture controls, a feature the Huawei Mate S has. Likewise, the iOS 9 update promised multitasking capabilities on its latest iPad Air and new iPad Pro. What's more, a handy stylus accessory can be bought with its iPad Pro. These are things Samsung's tablets have had for years now. So, why do we buy what every other company already offers?

Apple is expected to "turn that technology into a transformative new mode of interaction."

Because, writes Savov, only Apple is expected to “turn that technology into a transformative new mode of interaction.” It's all about looking at Apple and what it has done with its products in the context of the company's history.

There are some people that want “bigger, faster, cheaper” products — these are things the market always demands, says social media guru Guy Kawasaki. But the difference between Apple and everyone else is Apple “creates a product or service before people can really define the need for that product or service.”


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