As Washington recovers from what has been dubbed the “Massa-cre”, the disgrace of ex-Democrat Eric Massa, Fox News asks how the current “parlor game” could ever happen. How is it that high calibre and high profile politicians at the height of their power can get themselves into such a mess? Ending up on the cover of the National Enquirer is par for the course for anyone famous enough – but if the allegations are true? Fox reports: “On Sunday there was a long article in The Wall Street Journal that speculated that the reason that guys like Massa, Blagojevich and others put their careers at risk is too much testosterone. That it causes the aggressive sexual and other ego-driven behavior. I think the answer is much more complex than that especially since the behavior might actually increase the signals to the brain to make additional testosterone -- not the other way around. My speculation is that it is a complex combination of things including early life experiences causing a lack of a sense of positive identity as well as being surrounded by yes men and women. Believing in one's own press releases can contribute to an overall sense of invincibility.”